11TH Hour (Women's Murder Club) karya James Patterson

Ini buku yang pas banget buat kamu yang suka thriller genre!!! Jalur ceritanya unexpected bgt nih Intelektual Muda. Buku "11TH Hour (Women's Murder Club)" karya James Patterson dikemas dengan bahasa inggris nih, jadi feel-nya bakal beda dengan buku thriller berbahasa indonesia. Yuk simak sinopsisnya. 

  Your best friend

Lindsay Boxer is pregnant at last! But her work doesn't slow for a second. When millionaire Chaz Smith is mercilessly gunned down, she discovers that the murder weapon is linked to the deaths of four of San Francisco's most untouchable criminals. And it was taken from her own department's evidence locker. Anyone could be the killer--even her closest friends.

Or a vicious killer?

Lindsay is called next to the most bizarre crime scene she's ever seen: two bodiless heads elaborately displayed in the garden of a world-famous actor. Another head is unearthed in the garden, and Lindsay realizes that the ground could hide hundreds of victims.

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